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Assessing functional groups of hard corals across Bermuda

Project context
Coral reefs are degrading across the Caribbean, and yet all species of corals do not seem to be equally affected. Examination of the functional traits that promote the persistence of some species despite the demise of others is needed if we are to understand why reefs are in decline. Corals in Bermuda were classified into functional groups, according to the manner in which they exhibit the primary functional characterisitics of growth, reproduction and defense. Assessment across reefs located over the North Lagoon determined that species within each functional group of coral responded to environmental gradients in a similar, theoretically-predictable manner.

To determine how functional characteristics of each coral species affects the assemblage structure of corals on reefs located across environmental gradients of stress and disturbance.Specific objectives include:
Determining critical traits to use for classifying corals into functional groupsAssessing coral …