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The BREAM team: Waterlogged but happy after completing 30 foot surveys around Bermuda!

By: Jessie Hallett

BREAM is pleased to have completed another bulk of surveys it began undertaking last
year towards the OTEP grant it received in 2009.  We’ve now completed surveys of all the MPA’s in Bermuda, 25 surveys at 90 feet with our handy drop camera, and with our helpful summer interns, we have completed the 30 foot dives around the fore-reef of Bermuda.

These surveys mark the first large-scale assessment of these off shore habitats, which are
beautiful and rich in species and coral cover, and complement assessments done of shallow inshore communities in the lagoon and rim reef between 2004 and 2008.  All this information is important in helping us to get a better idea of the multitude of reef resources we have in Bermuda, guiding us to properly manage them, so that Bermuda can continue to become a leader in world conservation management. 

With our 30 foot dives completed, BREAM is diving deeper to complete surveys of the 60 foot terrace.  We’ve completed four sites so far,…