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Bermuda Environmental Charter

The Environmental Charter of Bermuda is a commitment between the United Kingdom and the Government of Bermuda to recognize the critical importance of a healthy environment to the welfare and future survival of Bermudians.

The United Kingdom Overseas Territories Conservation Forum posts the Environmental Charter for all overseas territories on it's website:

The text of the Bermuda Environmental Charter is below:


Guiding principles

For the UK government, for the government of Bermuda∗ and for the people of Bermuda.

1.) To recognise that all people need a healthy environment for their well-being and livelihoods and that all can help to conserve and sustain it.
2.) To use out natural resources wisely, being fair to present and future generations.
3.) To identify environmental opportunities, costs and risks in all policies and strategies.
4.) To seek expert advice and consult openly with interested parties on …

A comprehensive map of all BREAM survey sites


A list of all the data we collect when we survey a coral reef

Coral Species assessed Agaricia fragilis Diploria strigosa Diploria labyrinthiformis Favia fragum Porites astreoides Porites porites Montastraea frankesi Montastraea faveolata Montastraea cavernosa Isophyllia sinuosa Stephanocoenia intercepta Dichocoenia stokesi Millepora alcicornis Madracis auretenra Madracis decactis Scolymia cubensis Siderastrea radians Oculina varicosa Meandrina meandrites
Fishes assessed Angelfish / French Angelfish / Gray Angelfish / Queen Angelfish / Rock Beauty Bermuda Species / Barred Hamlet Bermuda Species / Beaugregory/Cocoa Damselfish Bermuda Species / Blue Angelfish Bermuda Species / Bluehead Wrasse Bermuda Species / Chub Bermuda Species / Clown Wrasse Bermuda Species / Diadema Bermuda Species / Gray Triggerfish Bermuda Species / Lionfish Bermuda Species / Puddingwife Bermuda Species / Saucereye Porgy Bermuda Species / Scrawled Filefish Bermuda Species / Seargent Major Bermuda Species / Sharpnose Puffer Bermuda Species / Slippery Dick Bermuda Species / Threespot Damselfish Bermuda Species / Town…