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RG: Bermuda's efforts to protect sea feature in Time magazine

By Jonathan Bell - The Royal Gazette - link

Bermuda's pivotal role in efforts to declare the Sargasso Sea a marine protected area (MPA) will appear in Time magazine, Environment Minister Glenn Blakeney yesterday revealed.
The Island is said to feature prominently in an article by Bryan Walsh the writer also profiled the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences in the online version of Time following his visit earlier this month.
The MPA initiative was first mentioned during February's Budget by Deputy Premier Paula Cox. Mr. Blakeney said it had been deliberately kept "relatively quiet" until yesterday.
"This is an ambitious project, and we didn't want to announce it with fanfare only to stumble at the first hurdle," he said, adding there was now the momentum, support and partners to make it happen.
The MPA project would create one of the largest protected areas of ocean on the planet, the Minister added. No further details were given.
"As Bermuda is th…

Report from a Mission Blue hope spot: The Sargasso Sea


BERMUDA FISHERIES REGULATIONS 2010 BR 55/2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1Citation 2Interpretation 3Issue of licences by the Director and Chairperson 4Application for fishing vessel licence 5Issue of fishing vessel licence 6Fixed fishing gear 7Register of licensed fishing vessels 8Identification marks 9Transfer of interest 10Production of fishing vessel licence 11Catch and effort returns 12Register of fishermen 13Designation as full-time fisherman 14Use of fishing nets 15General restrictions on taking fish 16General restrictions on taking lobster 17General restrictions on landing fish 18Sale of fish taken from the EEZ 19Sale of imported fish 20Protected fish 21Closed season for spiny lobsters 22Spearfishing 23Grant of licence to use fishing lines rigged with more than 15 hooks 24Duty to return fish which may not be taken 25Using fixed fishing gear 26Use of explosives, poison, dredge or trawl 27Prohibition against introducing live or unfrozen and uncooked fish into waters of Bermuda 28Interfering with fishing gear without co…