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Review of Protected Species and Habitats of Bermuda

Protected Marine Species and Habitats of BermudaIn the following posts I will review the legal definitions and list critical marine species and habitats, as defined in the Laws of Bermuda, which are online at this link.
From the Bermuda Government Protected Species Act 2003Legal Definitions:Protected Species:
A Protected Species is any species of plant or animal designated as one of the following:critically endangered,endangered orvulnerablein accordance with the criteria set out in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened SpeciesDesignation of protected status is based on consideration of its: (a) the distribution of the species throughout the world;
(b) the number (with particular regard to the number of
sexually mature members) and distribution of the species in Bermuda;
(c) the location of, and threats to, the habitat of the species; and
(d) natural or man-made factors affecting or potentially affecting the
vulnerability …