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Attending the American Society of Limnologists and Oceanographers conference in Nice, France

Dr. Thad Murdoch

I am away from Bermuda for a few weeks - attending the ASLO conference in Nice and presenting a poster on my research on coral functional groups (link to abstract). I was lucky enough to receive an Early Career travel grant for $1000 from ASLO to help defray the costs of the trip. I also will be visiting the Monaco Oceanographic Museum to chat with colleagues at the research lab there.

Meanwhile, back in Bermuda, Jessie Hallett is working on her BZS-funded project to georeference and digitize the 200+ yr old Hurd map of Bermuda's island and reefs - so that she can determine how much Bermuda's marine environment (such as the ship channels and Castle Harbour) has been modified since 1797.

The Economist's recent Special Report on Ocean Conservation

The Economist recently published a Special Report
on the sea that is worth reading, entitled "Troubled Waters".

It can be read by following this link: here

Harbour Seal found in Bermuda

A Harbour Seal was found on Friday at Admiralty House, Pembroke, Bermuda that must have come from the NE United States or Canada.

It probably was carried on ocean currents - which are carrying water from the North this week, as can be seen on this US navy image (Bermuda is at 32*N 64*W):

The Bermuda Royal Gazette published an article today on the story - see this link.

UPDATE: The Bermuda Sun newspaper published a report on Wednesday Jan. 7th.
See this link

UPDATE: Dr. John Bruno over at linked to this report - and apparently the anti global-warming hopes it falsely inspired - see link here