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18 deep reef sites surveyed by video array

In 3 1/2 "boat" days the BREAM team and volunteers have surveyed 18 sites located at 5-km intervals around the Bermuda reef platform (see the yellow start and end points in map above). We have been using the Bermuda Zoological Society RV Endurance to do the research. Sites are centered at 90ft depth, and occasionally extend up to 75ft and down to a maximum depth of 130ft. At each site we are filming a 500m long transect using HD1080 high def video for analysis of coral community structure and fish population composition. We hope to complete 25 sites in total at the 90ft depth range.

The project is funded by the Overseas Territories Environmental Programme, the Bermuda Zoological Society, the Atlantic Conservation Partnership and the Bermuda Government Department of Conservation Services, and supported by the Department of Environmental Protection.

You can follow the BREAM programme on Facebook at the following link (Facebook)