A list of all the data we collect when we survey a coral reef

Coral Species assessed
Agaricia fragilis
Diploria strigosa
Diploria labyrinthiformis
Favia fragum
Porites astreoides
Porites porites
Montastraea frankesi
Montastraea faveolata
Montastraea cavernosa
Isophyllia sinuosa
Stephanocoenia intercepta
Dichocoenia stokesi
Millepora alcicornis
Madracis auretenra
Madracis decactis
Scolymia cubensis
Siderastrea radians
Oculina varicosa
Meandrina meandrites

Fishes assessed
Angelfish / French
Angelfish / Gray
Angelfish / Queen
Angelfish / Rock Beauty
Bermuda Species / Barred Hamlet
Bermuda Species / Beaugregory/Cocoa Damselfish
Bermuda Species / Blue Angelfish
Bermuda Species / Bluehead Wrasse
Bermuda Species / Chub
Bermuda Species / Clown Wrasse
Bermuda Species / Diadema
Bermuda Species / Gray Triggerfish
Bermuda Species / Lionfish
Bermuda Species / Puddingwife
Bermuda Species / Saucereye Porgy
Bermuda Species / Scrawled Filefish
Bermuda Species / Seargent Major
Bermuda Species / Sharpnose Puffer
Bermuda Species / Slippery Dick
Bermuda Species / Threespot Damselfish
Bermuda Species / Townsend Angelfish
Bermuda Species / Trumpetfish
Bermuda Species / Whitespotted Filefish
Bermuda Species / Yellowhead Wrasse
Bermuda Species / Yellowtail Parrotfish
Butterflyfish / Banded
Butterflyfish / Foureye
Butterflyfish / LongSnout
Butterflyfish / Reef
Butterflyfish / Spotfin
Grunt / Bluestriped
Grunt / Caesar
Grunt / French
Grunt / Porkfish
Grunt / Sailors Choice
Grunt / Smallmouth
Grunt / Spanish
Grunt / Tomtate
Grunt / White
Leatherjacket / Black Durgon
Leatherjacket / Orangespotted Filefish
Leatherjacket / Queen Triggerfish
Other / Almaco Jack
Other / Ballonfish
Other / Bandtail Puffer
Other / Bar Jack
Other / Bicolor Damselfish
Other / Blue Chromis
Other / Blue Runner
Other / Creolefish
Other / Creole Wrasse
Other / Glass Goby
Other / Great Barracuda
Other / Hairy Blenny
Other / Hogfish
Other / Jolthead Porgy
Other / Porcupinefish
Other / Painted Wrasse
Other / Sand Diver
Other / Saucereye Porgy
Other / Scrawled Cowfish
Other / Sharksucker
Other / Slender Filefish
Other / Smooth Trunkfish
Other / Spottail Pinfish - Bream
Other / Spanish Hogfish
Other / Spotted Goatfish
Other / Squirrelfish spp.
Other / Trumpetfish
Other / Yellow Goatfish
Other / Yellowtail Damselfish
Other / Yellowtail Parrotfish
Parrotfish / Blue
Parrotfish / Greenblotch
Parrotfish / Midnight
Parrotfish / Princess
Parrotfish / Queen
Parrotfish / Rainbow
Parrotfish / Redband
Parrotfish / Redtail
Parrotfish / Stoplight
Parrotfish / Striped
Seabass / Black
Seabass / Coney
Seabass / Graysby
Seabass / Nassau
Seabass / Red Hind
Seabass / Rock Hind
Seabass / Tiger
Seabass / Yellowfin
Seabass / Yellowmouth
Snapper / Cubera
Snapper / Gray
Snapper / Lane
Snapper / Mahogany
Snapper / Mutton
Snapper / Schoolmaster
Snapper / Yellowtail
Surgeonfish / Blue Tang
Surgeonfish / Doctorfish
Surgeonfish / Ocean Surgeonfish

 Benthic Parameters
Coral abundance
Coral species presence/absence
Coral species density
Coral diversity and evenness
Coral cover overall,
Coral cover by species,
Coral cover by coral functional group
Cover by benthic group
Size/frequency distribution for all coral species
Total mortality
Partial mortality
Diseases (Black Band, Yellowband, White Plague)
Parrotfish bites on corals
Damselfish Territories on corals
Coral Recruitment
Reef Rugosity
Algae thickness
Substate type

Other benthic biota
Calg Alg
Sponges and Gorgo etc
Hermit crab abundance
Herbivorous Snail abundance

Fish abundance
Species richness
Species diversity
Species evenness
Functional groups and guilds
Critical habitat – juveniles vs adults


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