Coral spawn!

Here are some close-up shots of coral spawn we passed by out near Chub Beacon yesterday (Aug 12). Interesting how it forms striated streaks of dense and sparse planula. The large slick was many 100s of meters across. The entire lagoon was becalmed, presumably by mucus, and water clarity was much reduced. Photos (c) BREAM 2012 (Jessie Murdoch & Thad Murdoch)


Anonymous said…
There was a lot of spawn at the S Shore beaches yesterday as well. My hair smells like sushi.
Anonymous said…
i clearly remember seeing coral spawn from the air as i arrived in bermuda one mid-august, a few yrs ago. the area of sea surface coverage can be truly appreciated this way.
Anonymous said…
Does it matter if boats go through it? I'm presuming not.

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